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Join this Parish wide Pilgrimage with the Prince of Peace Choir and Father John on this once in a lifetime travel experience to visit Rome and other exciting cities in Italy. Father John will celebrate or concelebrate Daily Mass in the various churches along with our choir singing in many marvelous edifices.

See the Leaning Tower, Michelangelo's "David," The Shrines of Saint Francis, the Coliseum and Ancient Rome, Vatican City the Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter's Basilica and many other sites of interest. Certainly a highlight will be attending the regularly scheduled Wednesday Papal Audience.

For more information contact Larry Wickersham, phone 273-6888

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Dear Friends,
I’m very pleased to extend this invitation to all of you and hope that if you are able you will join us on this exciting Pilgrimage to Italy. Our choir, with Larry Wickersham as its director is arranging this tour of Italy and you are invited to join us as we visit and sing in many spectacular Churches in Italy including a special initiation for the choir to sing during a Mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. This promises to be a once in a lifetime experience for us to travel together. I look forward to joining the group and hope that you can also be a part of this Prince of Peace Pilgrimage to Italy.

Fr. John


Indeed, this is an exciting invitation! The Prince of Peace Choir is leading this Pilgrimage to Italy along with Father John as spiritual director. What a great opportunity for the choir to sing in many great Duomos (churches) in Italy including Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. I have worked very closely with our travel agent from Classic Choir Tours to assure that our itinerary will cover a broad spectrum of experiences. From staying overnight in a Convent to visiting a Winery, the mix of historical, cultural and religious experiences is sure to give us a interesting overview of Italy.

Father John will celebrate or concelebrate a Mass every day. Some will be private Masses in historic buildings just for our group others will be public Masses. Our choir will participate in the music at the various Masses. We also plan to have our choir sing with an Italian choir in a cultural exchange program of musical styles. And of course, I hope to play many different organs – a chance for you to hear instruments you might not hear on an individual tour. Details of the itinerary are in this website or your may request a brochure by contacting me.

I sincerely hope that you can join the choir, Father John and myself on this unique Prince of Peace Pilgrimage to Italy.

Larry Wickersham, choir director

phone 273-6888

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